URGENT! Wadi Fuqeen Village Under Curfew

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We urge all members to contact their MPs or MEPs about Wadi Fuqeen – use our directory for contact information…

“Curfew in Husan leaves Wadi Fuqeen without access to Bethlehem plus freshwater springs and 2,000 year old irrigation system under threat.”

Two evenings ago, villagers in Wadi Fuqeen were alarmed to hear the sounds of trouble with the Israelis in the nearby village of Husan, which lies slightly to the east. A curfew was immediately imposed upon it. This means that the Wadi Fuqeen will be isolated for few days as well because villagers can only gain access to Bethlehem if they go through Husan. This is the reality caused by the winding path of the separation barrier and many so called ‘security measures’ imposed by the Israelis.

In any case, Israeli jeeps have now begun to patrol the village of Wadi Fuqeen on a regular basis. ‘Flying’ checkpoints have also begun to appear at the entrance to the village – both during the day and overnight.

Two weeks ago three workers from the district of Hebron were beaten by the Israeli soldiers in an area to the northeast of the village while trying to sneak through into Israel in order to find work. They were later admitted to Beit Jala hospital.

The separation wall is not yet fully in place around Wadi Fuqeen. The route of the wall is subject to a legal challenge and this has somewhat delayed its building, although many of its footings are already in place. The village is therefore a favourite route for those impoverished Palestinians desperate to find illegal work in Israel. They try to slip through without being seen by the Israeli patrols.

Looking at longer term developments, Wadi Fuqeen is facing a worrying situation in relation to its water sources. Something is drastically affecting the water table. Local springs that held water just a couple of years ago are now dry, leaving the fields around them suddenly barren. The village’s 2,000 year old agricultural system of wells and terracing is now under threat.

For further in-depth information on this extremely worrying development, please visit the Wadi Fuqeen Village website… – In addition to the above update, there is lots of background information on the website that will help with letter-writing.

In particular, the problem with the water sources and the problem of the sewage spillages from the illegal settlement of Beitar Illit need highlighting. Read more: The Settlers Next Door: Notes from Wadi Fukin & watch this video:

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