Surprise Visitor at EU Parliament Goldstone Vote

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The cryptic proceedings of the EU were paused to acknowledge the attendance of a ‘surprise’ visitor/guest/plant:

(point of order brought by Conservative MEP Charles Tannock)

… following that faultless segue-way into a vote on the “Annual accounts of certain types of companies as regards micro-entities” they continued onto the vote on the Goldstone report…

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  1. This outburst was HARDLY a POINT OF ORDER, more like a point of DISORDER. IMHO, Charles Tannock MEP is not only showing his true pro Radical-Zionist colours, but he also lamentably brings further shame on Britain and Britain’s bent Zionist-Corrupted politicians (that’s not quite all of them!), for using the sad case of Gilad Shalit as a political football.

    Do we see the parents of the MILLIONS of Palestinians held captive in Gaza, the West Bank and tortured in Israeli jails, IN THE GALLERY? NO, because THEY are either DEAD or imprisoned themselves in Nazi-Style “Concentration Camp Gaza”.

    We must now think how we can put colossal pressure on Israel’s paymasters NOT TO BURY the GOLDSTONE REPORT at the security council or anywhere else, via their disgusting and too often used veto for state terrorism.

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