Eight Days in Palestine – Day 1

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A new feature with excerpts from a Diary by “Ted from Liverpool”.

Day 1 – Tel Aviv Airport to Abu Dis

Sunday 1st November 2009

Abu Dis

Wall through Abu Dis

Abu Dis is a large suburb of Jerusalem and contains Al Quds university

The bus journey to Abu Dis was an eye opener with the driver describing the conditions on either side. It is clear that the Palestinians are living in a 3rd World whilst the Israelis live in a world class state – the equivalent of the UK or any European state for its infrastructure.

The airport is like a palace and the Palestinian buildings are so worn and ramshackle in comparison.

Checkpoint Bottle Neck

A clear indication of the 2nd class citizen status were the traffic lights at an entry point into Jerusalem. At the entry road from Israeli settlements they allow 20 to 25 cars in at a phase, whilst the Palestinian entry allows 2 to 3 – meaning hours of delay, particularly at morning and evening rush hour.

On our return to Tel Aviv through Ayzariyyah (Bethany) there were impenetrable traffic jams – the driver explained that Palestinians were not permitted to install traffic light systems within their cities, nor roundabouts, to control traffic. We had seen this phenomenon in Nablus, a hugely busy metropolis without any traffic lights.

We saw the light tramway system being built – largely on Palestinian land – to reach the settlements. Palestinians will not be allowed to use it.

Ted from Liverpool – A visit to the West Bank
1st November to 8th November 2009

Arranged by Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association

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