Iron Dome: An Offensive Weapon?

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Reading PSC member writes on The Liberal Democrats Friends of Palestine blog:

Iron Dome System

This week Israel has been telling us of the successful testing of its Iron Dome defence system. Iron Dome was originally touted as the strategic answer to the primitive and homemade Qassam rockets fired at Israel from various groups within Gaza, as well as the more sophisticated Katyusha rockets which Israel claims are being stockpiled in their thousands by Hezbollah in Lebanon.

However, far from being the unprecedented technological success Israel would have us believe, the inception, development and final implementation of Iron Dome highlights a number of inconsistencies – and possibly even outright deception and deliberate obfuscation – in the arguments which the State of Israel and its apologists have put forward to justify the existence Iron Dome.

Read more at the LDFoP blog…

This is in response to “A New Defence” published on the Conservative Friends of Israel blog.

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