July 9: BDS Day of Action – Supermarket Phone In

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0845 611 6111

0800 636 262

Join PSC and BDS campaigners by calling Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s TODAY!

Some questions you should ask:

Morrisons/Sainsbury’s claims to have an ethical policy, yet it stocks produce from Israel, a country which is in daily breach of international law and international human rights legislation.

  1. Does Morrisons/Sainsbury’s condone Israel’s illegal actions? If not, how do Israel’s flagrant violations of international law fit into the supermarket’s ethical policy?

  2. Is Morrisons/Sainsbury’s aware that produce from Israeli settlements is grown on land that has been stolen from the Palestinians of the West Bank?

  3. By stocking settlement goods, Morrisons/Sainsbury’s is tacitly acknowledging the right of countries to invade and occupy land, and to ignore UN resolutions calling for the return of that land to its indigenous population. How does that square with the supermarket’s ethical policy?

  4. Are you aware that the Palestinians who work in settlement farms and industrial zones do not have equal rights with the Israeli citizens who also work there?

  5. How does the sub-standard treatment of Palestinian workers in the settlements, and the clear breach of their human rights on a daily basis, fit in with the supermarket’s ethical policy?

PSC’s website has some useful points that can be used to reinforce your case when asking these questions, read them here…

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