The cultural boycott and the outraged artist

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Our fellow BDS activist has a piece published on Mondoweiss:

The cultural boycott and the outraged artist

When you arrive in Israel as an internationally-renowned artist to give a concert or accept a cultural award, it is only natural that you not be spat at and knee-capped by Jews. I say this apropos of the odd comments made over the last couple of months by Margaret Atwood and Suzanne Vega regarding their crossing of the BDS picket line.

In Israel, it is no surprise that people will be polite to you: “Recently I was in Israel. The Israelis I met could not have been more welcoming” (Atwood). You might even meet with excellent Israeli human rights organizations: “I went to Israel, I played two concerts there. I also met with B’Tselem” (Vega). And the general public will discuss politics with you: “I’d been told ahead of time that Israelis would try to cover up the Shadow, but instead they talked about it non-stop” (Atwood). All that is encouraging – after all it is some ‘shadow’ to live under!

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  1. I admit that I am neither a particularly politically savvy person nor am one for knowledge on this conflict over in the middle east, however I’d like to ask you what your position would be on a subject that seems to be a contortion of historical and factual specificity for something more of political – or religious – agenda. Although I am not particularly a fan of Dr. Chomsky concerning subjects outside of his mastering, as far as I can recall, there has never been a state, country or nation of Palestine throughout this Earth’s entire history but what there was had been an attempt to erase the name of one rebellious nation: Israel/Judea or Jews from history which takes us back to Hadrianic/Roman antiquity. My question is a bit of a mix. If the majority of peoples living in Judea/Israel at the time of Roman occupation were Hebrew and Aramaic speaking Judeans: Jews, where or when did this new concept fabricate itself? I find this perplexing considering the amount of factual specificity: archeology, cultural-political and social writings and findings produced by others of pre-Roman antiquity: Egyptians, Greeks, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Moabites etc. all seem to have known Hebrews, Israel, Jews etc. but not a single finding mentioning of a Palestinian. It seems as though, from my understanding anyway, that the base of this, seemingly mythological non-entity, is found in a contorted perception of anti-Jew Hadrianic/Romantic antiquity producing a highly comparable to the legalities found within Islamic historical/theological jurisprudence towards the non-Muslim – in this case the Jew – and the racial/ political views of one Adolf Hitler toward the Jew of Europe from 1939-1945.

    It seems to me from trying to avoid what is often touted as “politically correct” opinion for logical, reasonable, sound and verifiable factually based understandings it would appear that today’s “Palestinians” are solely the fabrication of an anti-Jew political – and pseudo-political – agenda and not based upon any of the aforementioned. From this perspective it deems that this “Nation” is quite simply a-historical. A myth predicated on a lie and once International Law kicks in, especially surrounding the founding and borders of this unfortunately enlightened “Jewish” state in a sea of Ishmaelite barbarity indicates the further fabrication of a so-called “West Bank”, “East Jerusalem”, “Settlers” and so called “Occupied Territories”. In fact, these people are citizens while the Arabians: Muslims had – conquered, submitted and occupied over 50, once non-Islamic, lands nations and peoples.

    Have you ever considered writing an article outlining the fabrication of a “Palestinian” people who are without history? Have you considered why there is a blatant distancing of Jews: Judeans from Judea: Israel – now called “The West Bank” – which is well documented throughout approximately 3000+ years of archeological findings while fabricating a relationship between the Arabs: Arabians: Arabia – the birth place of Islam – to “Palestine” (formerly a Hadrianic title dealing solely with/to Jews)?

    Whenever I read articles on the Middle East, Israel or even Islam today, it is usually fairly clear that most journalists or authors today place more emphasis in pushing one particular ideology over another or political position over another while ignoring or abandoning logic, moral and factually based information…why?

    “Do not consider it proof just because it is written in books, for a liar who will deceive with his tongue will not hesitate to do the same with his pen.” Sadly this quote all too well indicates what passes for journalism today as well “education”.

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