UK: 48 hours to Recognise Palestine

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Call the Foreign and Commonwealth Office switchboard and ask for William Hague’s office.

020 7008 1500

Also try Hague’s Parliamentary office: 020 7219 4611

In less than 48 hours, the UK will decide if it recognises Palestine at a critical EU Foreign Ministers meeting. Our global petition has nearly 900,000 signers, 79,000 from the UK, but the Foreign Minister is still undecided. We can ramp up the pressure now to ensure the UK gets behind a Palestinian state.

Foreign Office officials have said the Minister could be swayed to make the right call, and his support for Palestine could provide the EU leadership needed to push the bid through at the UN. But to counter intense US and Israeli lobbying, he needs to hear from all of us now.

Let’s flood the Minister’s office with phone calls today and give him a public mandate to call for an independent state of Palestine, which could break the deadlock in talks and bring peace a little closer. The next few hours are critical — make an urgent call now.

Here is the number to call: Foreign and Commonwealth Office switchboard: 020 7008 1500 — ask for William Hague’s office. You can also try Hague’s Parliamentary office: 020 7219 4611

The talking points below will help guide you in what to say:

  • 79,000 UK citizens and nearly 900,000 people across the globe have signed the petition for the UN to recognise Palestine.
    This is a moment for the UK to stand on the right side of history — this is a legitimate, non violent, diplomatic proposal to open a new path towards peace.
  • This is a fragile time. If we support this proposal we could open up hope for the majority of Palestinians who want a peaceful resolution to the conflict. If we don’t support it, this could spiral into violence and will play right into the hands of extremists.
  • The far-right Netanyahu government is making a return to peace talks harder by approving more settlement building in the West Bank, but most Israeli citizens want a two state solution. This is a opportunity to show that the world is serious about finding a solution where two peoples can live in peace side by side.
  • The Arab Spring has opened the door to a new, exciting era of UK relations with the Middle East. We are supporting people across the region struggling for self-determination and freedom. This is the Palestinians’ call, and our response should be consistent. If the UK does not support the Palestinian bid at the UN, we could lose that momentum and be pushed back into the dangerous divisions of the last decade.
  • This bid is consistent with European policy which has invested heavily in building the capacity of the Palestinian state. It would be contradictory to now oppose the founding of that state at the UN.

Remember to be polite — we’ll be far more convincing if we are reasonable and courteous. If you don’t get through, it probably means we’re jamming their lines — a good sign! Keep calling! If you do get through but they cannot transfer you, make sure your call is officially registered by the switchboard and follow up with an email to: and and

Most government offices work from 9am – 5pm — if you miss office hours please try again tomorrow.

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