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Thanks for Your Generous Donation & Support!

Keep checking our site for the latest updates on the convoy, we’ll be tracking it as we did with the most recent Viva Palestina Convoy.

Help us reach our target and share our Skip a Latte, Rebuild a Home fundraiser link with your friends and family:

Donate 5 bags and get a keyring!

If you donated 5 or more bags (£15), we’ll send you a keyring made from recycled cement bags as soon as possible. The keyrings are on their way from Dhaka, Bangladesh – (volcanos permitting!)

The keyrings are handmade from recycled cements bags. Supplied by Ganesha in the UK and made by Motif Ltd, a fairtrade, ethical, eco-friendly company working in Bangladesh. Motif provides a safe working environment with fair wages for vulnerable women and marginalised men. Please read more about Jackie and her teams’ work at Motif’s Blog.

100% of funds received by Reading PSC will be given to the Free Gaza Movement & IHH. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us by email, call us 0844 774 3509 or text 07786200690 with “PSC + your_message“.

This is a fundraising effort promoted by Reading PSC – the Reading branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Reading PSC was originally known a ‘Bucks/Berks PSC’, we are in the process of changing our official name (bank a/c etc) – so, please don’t be put off by seeing references to our old name on your donation transactions.

The Ships…

FGM ship proudly renamed "MV Rachel Corrie"



IHH cargo ship Gazze

IHH cargo ship Gazze



IHH's 200-ton Mavi Marmara can carry 1,000 passengers

IHH's Mavi Marmara can carry 200 tonnes of cargo & 1,000 passengers


Please visit the teams joining the Convoy: IHHFree Gaza MovementFGM ScotlandFGM IrelandShipToGaza.SEShipToGaza.GR