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Final Stats: 31 days 1,755,698 views 259,853 people – Click above to read our message…

After 6 weeks of updates we’re pausing the /Convoy page! All further updates will appear on our Twitter feed:

Contact us if you develop withdrawal symptoms!

So, all that’s left is to thank the 2-million+ visitors & leave you to relive the whole trip:

Days 32+5-11: Cairo Airport to Home »

Days 32+3&4: Cairo Airport »

Days 32+1&2: GAZA »

Day 32: El-Arish to GAZA! »

Days 30 & 31: Lattakia | Damascus | El-Arish »

Days 27-29: Lattakia to El-Arish »

Days 25 & 26: Damascus to Lattakia »

Days 23 & 24: Aqaba to Damascus »

Day 22: 1st Anniversary »

Days 19–21: Amman to Aqaba »

Days 16–18: Damascus to Amman »

Days 14 & 15: Adana to Gaziantep to Damascus »

Days 12 & 13: Istanbul to Konya to Adana »

Days 10 & 11: Alexandropolis to Istanbul »

Days 8 & 9: Thessaloniki to Alexandropolis »

Days 1–7: London to Thessaloniki »

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THANKS & WELCOME! to visitors from sites with a map: Viva Palestina, National PSC, Swansea Action for Palestine, Sabbah Report, Bristol Gaza Link,, Respect Namibia, Filistin Konvoyu, Australians for Palestine, Muslimania, Political Theatrics, Perdana4Peace, Kranoforos, My Palestine, London2Gaza, ISM France, Karmalised, Friends of Al Aqsa,, Derry to Gaza & Salem News.

Remember when GG was banned from Canada over Viva Palestina #2?

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