DAYS 32+5-11: Cairo Airport to Home

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Day 32+11 – Sunday Jan 17 2010

BLOG! The Sitch’s Adriano with more stories from Gaza: A View From The Prison Cell & Areej, Maha, and Mona

NEWS! Turkey’s Bikya Masr: Galloway, Chavez & Morales, The Three Musketeers?

Day 32+10 – Saturday Jan 16 2010


Bristol24-7: Welcome home for the Bristol-Gaza aid convoy

Slough: Tales of terror as police ran riot Viva Palestina convoy breaks the siege of Gaza

Lebanon’s Daily Star: Galloway credits Beirut for his love of Arab causes

Yvonne Ridley: Petty games of (petty) foreign ministers

RALLY! London Rally Tuesday 19 January

All welcome: Reporting Back from the Convoy – Speakers include, Karma Nabulsi, George Galloway, Kate Hudson, Lowkey, Bruce Kent and more

BLOG! The Sitch: 48 Hours in Gaza

I met an 18 year old man. His family were the 15 killed the night before. He sat there, normal as can be, and explained what happened. He showed me a picture of his 6 month old sister that was killed. He smiled quite a bit. His composure puzzled me… Read more…

Day 32+9 – Friday Jan 14 2010

NEWS! York to Gaza in the York Press: North Yorkshire aid workers return from Gaza & Malaysia’s New Straits Times: Humanitarian Aid 30 hours in Gaza

BLOG! Gaza Where Silence Is Shame & The Revival: Ireland to Gaza Part 1 & 2

EGYPSHAME! Maan: Egypt prevents local convoy from bringing aid to Gaza

NEWS! UAE’s Khaleej Times: “The valiant peace warriors of Viva Palestina have truly set new standards for how far a peace and justice activist is willing to go to back up her words with action.”

Day 32+8 – Thursday Jan 13 2010

NEWS! Sale Messenger: Sale dad reunited with family after Gaza ordeal…

BLOG! Tyrone to Gaza’s John Hurnson’s Convoy report & pictures… + John on AJE


Day 32+7 – Wednesday Jan 12 2010

NEWS! Jack fm: Bristol Convoy Start To Return From Gaza

Jan 11: BGLink account of Hotel Cairo Jan 12: YorktoGaza on BBC Radio York

VIDEO! Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Protest in front of Egyptian Embassy


Day 32+6 – Tuesday Jan 11 2010

STATEMENT! from Reading PSC’s Tony:

Well I am home at last, but in a way that I did not expect.

During the afternoon of Sunday January 10, 2010 I gave a written statement to two members of the group that were flying home that evening. This statement was to be sent to my wife who would forward it on for publication on the internet for today, Tuesday January 12, 2010.

Read the complete statement here…

11am GMT: Breaking Fractured news…

So basically I was doing the 4,000+km London-Gaza convoy on stick shift with a fractured foot. No wonder I was in pain. Damn it. @juanajaafar

BLOG! George Galloway’s Daily Record column: Tinpot tyrant ain’t seen nothing yet & on the FCO Run of Mill diplomacy is failing us

BLOG! Joti2Gaza: tedious days and eventful nights + PICTURES! pics from Lattakia…

Op-Ed! Hit piece from the Wall Street Journal: Being George Galloway [text]

BLOG! TheSitch… Jan 11: A Glimpse at Occupation: The Sound of A Shelling & Jan 9: The Scuffle In Al Arish & Jan 7: Welcome to Palestine + Pal Telegraph, Jan 5: Convoy Update: Victorious Viva Palestina

Day 32+5 – Monday Jan 11 2010

TALK! As the Convoy draws to a close, we’ve setup a forum for you to continue the dialogue:

1pm GMT: Our Tony is home!

BLOG! The Sitch: The Sound of A Shelling

The sound of a shelling is serious. When you hear it you immediately know someone was hurt or even died. Someone’s home was destroyed. Someone’s family broken apart. An avenue of transportation severed. A new set of ears gone deaf. – Read more…

NEWS! The Guardian: Galloway right to relish Egypt expulsion & London News: Women return home after taking part in Viva Palestina convoy


Final leg of journey. At Brussels Airport waiting for AA155 flt to LHR. Couple of hrs n im home free!

All VP/IHH convoyers: nice to have met u,sorry if i troubled u in any way n i hope to see many of u again- InshaAllah! @Zhat

NEWS! Video of El-Arish attack made it to Yahoo News: Activists clash with Egyptian police over Gaza aid (same AFP footage as used on Sky News) 7am:

“The third Intifada has begun, only this time it is worldwide!”

Remember that tweet? well here goes … Please stay with us – yorktogaza followers in Yorkshire, Scotland, England, Wales & N Ireland, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, EGYPT, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Jordan, Kashmir, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Palestine (WB, Gaza & Jerusalem), Portugal, Singapore, +Spain+, South Africa, Syria, +Tunisia+, Turkey, USA – If we missed any let us know! Thank you to our most enthusiastic follower in Tunisia. She doesn’t tweet but texted while watching Press TV & Al Jazeera non-stop for us – @YorktoGaza


Jan 10 – Mike from Gaza to York

11 January 2010 York to Gaza crew safe&sound. Waiting 2 hear whether ALL convoy is ok. The support for Gaza & all Palestinians must continue @YorktoGaza


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