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Print Media

Daily Newspapers

Daily Express
Letters: expressletters@express.co.uk

Daily Mail
Letters: letters@dailymail.co.uk

Daily Telegraph
Letters: dtletters@telegraph.co.uk

Evening Standard
Letters: letters@standard.co.uk

Financial Times
Letters: letters.editor@ft.com

The Guardian
Letters: letters@guardian.co.uk
Readers’ Editor: reader@guardian.co.uk

The Glasgow Herald
Letters: letters@theherald.co.uk

The Independent
Letters: letters@independent.co.uk

The Mirror
E-mail: mailbox@mirror.co.uk

The Scotsman
Letters: Click here

The Sun
Letters: letters@the-sun.co.uk

The Times
Letters: letters@thetimes.co.uk

Sunday Newspapers

The Independent on Sunday
Letters: letters@sundayindependent.co.uk

Mail on Sunday
Letters: letters@mailonsunday.co.uk

News of the World
Letters: your.letters@notw.co.uk

The Observer
Letters: letters@observer.co.uk
Readers’ Editor: reader@observer.co.uk

Scotland on Sunday
Letters: Click here

The Sunday Express
Letters: expressletters@express.co.uk

The Sunday Mirror
E-mail: mailbox@mirror.co.uk

The Sunday People
E-mail: mailbox@mirror.co.uk

The Sunday Telegraph
Letters: stletters@telegraph.co.uk

The Sunday Times
Letters: letters@sunday-times.co.uk


The Economist
Letters: letters@economist.com

The New Statesman
Letters: letters@newstatesman.co.uk

The Spectator
Letters: letters@spectator.co.uk

Wire Services

Press Association
Contact information: Click here

Reuters UK
Contact information: Click here

UK Media Regulatory

Press Complaints Commission

Advertising Standards Authority

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Reading PSC

We are the Reading branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. You will find regular news on the Palestinian cause, details about local and national events plus plenty of other useful information.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please get in touch.

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