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At Last! BBC NEWS coverage of the Convoy:

CALL THE BBC: 03700 100 222 & other MEDIA. It WILL work, one of our readers did just that today:

Read: “3 good reasons to phone the BBC…”


UK‘s “Bristol to Gaza aid convoy given rapturous reception” & ThisisBristol: “Gaza convoy has been an international reward

USA‘s Huffington Post & Lebanon‘s Daily Star: Viva Palestina campaign sees 86 aid vehicles destined for Gazafrom @RHallDailyStar GREAT WORK RICHARD!

Malaysia‘s New Straits Times has daily updates & Malay Mail: “To Gaza with love” – Bernama TV sends crew to join ‘Viva Palestina’ humanitarian aid convoy.

PICTURES! eshaz has pics of the London departure on Flickr…

Egypt‘s Al Ahram: “Return to Gaza & Bikya Masr: “An overland British aid convoy to Gaza

Venezuela‘s AlbaTV: “Caravana solidaria hacia Palestina

UK‘s Socialist Worker: “British student solidarity with Gaza” – .. goods won by the student occupations for Gaza – which swept Britain’s universities at the start of this year – are on their way to Palestine.

Turkey‘s Birgun: “HANGİ İNSAN HAKLARI” report on Documentarist‘s ‘Which Human Rights?‘ film festival which showed Hassan Ghani‘s ‘Three Uncles go to Gaza‘ while the convoy was in Istanbul on Wednesday.

Turkey‘s IHH & Filistin Konvoyu: “Gaza Convoy Reaches Konya – “Gaza convoy mission in Parliament” – “Viva Palestina conquers hearts of Istanbulites” – “Gaza convoy leaves Istanbul among prayers” (w/pics from Taksim Square)

See BBC any CH4 names SKY missing ITN up CNN there Al Jazeera? Call them, Email them…Press TV pretty much stands alone. Thank You!

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