Reading PSC Salutes Viva Palestina Convoy

Reading PSC salutes the Viva Palestina ‘Return to Gaza’ convoy partnered with the PSC who have finally broken the blockade of Gaza with their entrance into the Gaza Strip.

After 31 days of an inspiring journey, followed by more than 250,000 people on this website from around the world the goal has been achieved. This, despite a journey which at times seemed to be frustrated at its every turn.

We would like to thank the following:

  • The many thousands of you who have followed and willed this inspiring convoy to succeed.
  • The organisers of the convoy for their persistence and determination to force it through.
  • The heroic crews of the vehicles for their grit and resolve to achieve their goal.
  • We would like to thank the peoples of the many countries they have travelled through who have provided unstinting support, both moral and material.
  • We would like to thank the Governments of those countries that facilitated this convoy, especially the Turkish Government and its peoples for its help at so many levels.
  • We also thank those unknown and unseen from many countries around the world who have ensured diplomatic pressure to ensure the success of this convoy.
  • Most of all we salute the heroic people of Gaza who have endured beyond what most of us can only imagine, whilst the political elites of the world turned their back on them.

Dana Elborno a young 20 year old Palestinian-American student who attended the Gaza Freedom March but was refused entrance to Gaza earlier this week summed it up thus:

“The persistence of Palestine as a humanitarian crisis can be wildly disheartening, but the persistence of the resistance movement is-if not more so-heartening. That’s what it’s all worth. The spirit of the resistance movement has not been broken despite everything that has let us down or disappointed us. We are a people united for Palestine and we embrace this struggle. It is at times emotionally exhausting but we are not broken and we will break the siege of Gaza”.

If you have been inspired to join us in the UK in the struggle for peace and justice for the Palestinian people:

If you are from other countries seek out your Palestine Solidarity movements and join us in this global struggle.

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