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The first Branch in our Get to Know a PSC feature, the UK’s “most-Westerly” Branch…

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Operation Cast Lead was the spur for setting up the Aberystwyth branch of PSC.

A handful of people got in touch with me and we met for the first time at the end of May.

We have a Chairman, a Treasurer and a Secretary (me). Apart from that we had one other member who has since gone AWOL.

In the summer we held two screenings of Ed Hill‘s “Our Sufferings in this Land“.  In October Ed Hill came to give a talk and do a screening of his “Return to Palestine“.

In November we screened “Bethlehem Hidden from View” and, helped by our wonderful local peace choir Cor Gobaith (“Choir of Hope”), we sang the Stephen Leah version of “O Little Town of Bethlehem”.

On another occasion Cor Gobaith dedicated one of their open-air performances to Palestine, when Aber PSC and the Students’ Friends of Palestine Society distributed leaflets and collected donations. Attendances at the indoor venues were sadly very small, even though a lot of effort was put into advertising them.

Elizabeth Morley, Secretary Aber PSC.

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A Gaza vigil was held on Sunday 27th December 2009 by the Clock Tower at Great Darkgate Street in Central Aberystwyth with donations in aid of the Church in Wales’ Mobile Dental Clinic in Gaza:

On a wet and blustery day a few hundred yards from the seafront, where huge breakers crashed against the shore and black clouds tore across the sky, six of us from Aber PSC and Aber Students FoP combined held a three-hour vigil for Gaza.

Struggling against the gale we held on to our “Remember Gaza Banner”. Our Palestinian flags waved vigorously in the breeze and the candles burnt brightly inside glass jars (making holes in a flag that blew too close!).  Many passers-by crossed the road to talk to us and some cars hooted their horns in support and encouragement. The weather prevented us from handing out too many leaflets, unfortunately, but we received cash donations which we will give to the Church in Wales’ Gaza Mobile Dental Clinic Fund.

We send our strong feelings of  sympathy to the people of Gaza and our comradely greetings to you, the valiant followers of the convoy, not least the hunger strikers! Let us hope that Egypt will respond to the thousands of phone calls and emails and allow the convoy to reach its destination with the aid unimpaired. Viva Palestina!

– Elizabeth @ Aber PSC

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