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Universal Jurisdiction Debate Update

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The vote went in favour of the bill, 320–230, and will now pass to the committee stage. Summary of Reading and surrounding Berkshire MPs:

  • Reading West, Alok Sharma (Con) – AYE
  • Reading East, Rob Wilson (Con) – ABSENT
  • Bracknell, Dr Phillip Lee (Con) – AYE
  • Maidenhead, Theresa May (Con) – AYE
  • Newbury, Richard Benyon (Con) – ABSENT
  • Slough, Fiona Mactaggart (Lab) – NOE
  • Windsor, Adam Afriyie (Con) – AYE
  • Wokingham, John Redwood (Con) – AYE

As you can see, only Slough Labour MP, Fiona Mactaggart, opposed the Bill. See how your MP voted in these plain text lists of AYES & NOES.

Watch all parts (42mins) of the debate mentioning Universal Jurisdiction:

Clips above follow JFJFP’s transcript

Excerpts: Sir Gerald Kaufman (Manchester, Gorton) & Ann Clwyd (Cynon Valley):

Clips via BBC Democracy Live

JFJFP has the edited transcript mentioning UJ here… (full text)

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister was around the corner at the Conservative Friends of Israel annual business lunch. Lauding Israel as a “modern, dynamic, enterprise economy” and that his and the Conservative Party’s friendship with Israel “thrived in opposition [and] will be strengthened in government.” – he closed with… “You have a Prime Minister whose belief in Israel is indestructible.”

ALERT! Watch EU debate on Goldstone Report: 11amGMT Wed Mar 10

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If you missed it, watch the archived video here…

Watch LIVE Online here… Tune in at 11am GMT Wednesday March 10, 2010

AGENDA – Document approved by the Conference of Presidents – Sittings of 10/03/2010 – Session Strasbourg

MRs – Implementation of Goldstone recommendations on Israel/Palestine Debate

Ha’aretz: Jewish lobbying sways EU against support of Goldstone Gaza report

Members of the European Parliament have backtracked from their plan to pass a resolution demanding implementation of the Goldstone report, in response to pressure from European Jewish leaders, Haaretz has learned.

After leaders of all the major EP parties had agreed on the wording of a draft demanding implementation of the controversial document – which accused Israel of war crimes in Gaza last year and proposed prosecuting Israeli officials in the International Criminal Court – the European Union’s legislative body was scheduled to vote on the measure Wednesday.

UK Green Party MEP Jean Lambert’s statement:

“I will endorse a European Parliament resolution which supports Israel being held to account; an end to the siege and an opening of crossings for civilian reconstruction; for steps to include Hamas in peace talks, removing them from the terrorist list as a constructive step and to help Hamas act in a way that assists the implementation of human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Palestinian territory; and which supports NGOs and civil society to uphold human rights and call those in authority to account. I have been a longstanding advocate of a lasting peaceful and just resolution, which respects democracy and human rights. Along with Green colleagues, I will continue to press for progress in line with these principles.”

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