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The Lancet: Health in the Occupied Palestinian Territory 2010

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When The Lancet published its Series on Health in the occupied Palestinian territory in March, 2009, we pledged to return to the issues raised in the series in subsequent years. On March 1-2 this year, we took part in a research conference on Palestinian health that was held at Birzeit University in the West Bank.

Billed as the 2nd Lancet-Palestinian Health Alliance Conference, our goal was to nurture and encourage a network of local and international scientists to do work that would advance the health of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, as well as the wider Palestinian diaspora.

The best peer-reviewed abstracts of that meeting are today published online. We also publish 3 Comments, to set the context for that meeting and to describe the current status of the Palestinian health predicament.

The abstracts provide a window into life as it is in the occupied territory. We plan to track what we hope will be progress in coming years with annual research-based meetings of the Lancet-Palestinian Health Alliance.

We have combined all comment and abstracts in a single PDF file…

The Lancet’s Editor, Richard Horton, provides an audio podcast to accompany the report(s):

Uruknet also has text of the abstracts here…

MAP’s New Film: Life or Death

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Medical Aid for Palestinians’ new film:

Life or Death: Medical Referrals from Gaza

The strict closure of the Gaza Strip has impoverished and restricted medical services in Gaza. This increases the need to refer patients for treatment outside Gaza.

The process of obtaining a referral document is not easy, and when a patient manages to obtain it, he or she then has to wait for a hospital appointment to come through, before applying to the Israeli Authorities for permission to leave Gaza.

MAP FILMS looks at the reality of life for Palestinians in Gaza trying to access health services outside the territory.

MAP’s New Film: The Silent War

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Medical Aid for Palestinians’ new film:

The Silent War: Israel’s Blockade of Gaza

Israel’s blockade of Gaza has been in place for almost three years.

Building on existing closures and restrictions, the blockade means the delay or denial of a broad range of items – food, industrial, educational, medical – deemed “non-essential” for a population largely unable to be self-sufficient at the end of decades of occupation. The blockade prevents access by sea, land and air, effectively closing off a population of 1.5 million Palestinians from the outside world.

This short film examines what the blockade means for the people of Gaza, as they struggle to rebuild their lives over a year after Operation Cast Lead.

In the Wake of War: Gaza One Year On

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from Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP)

We are pleased to present our first short film, In the Wake of War: Gaza One Year On

This film is based on interviews and filming we did in December in Gaza, in the run up to the anniversary of Operation Cast Lead. In the Wake of War is testimony-based, telling but some of the stories of survival, tragedy, and ongoing hardship in Gaza – with no effective action to end the blockade, no reconstruction, no accountability.

This film is the first in a series of short films which we will release over the course of 2010.  The next film, focusing on the ongoing blockade of Gaza, will be released in February.

Gaza war mother tells how she and her ‘miracle baby’ survived against the odds

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Video interview from Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP):

At the anniversary of the three-week Israeli war, a Beit Lahia resident describes how, revived from a coma, she met her new son delivered by caesarean after she was almost left for dead…

Read more at The Guardian…

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