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Join us for Stories from Palestine & Israel at the Reading International Festival 2012!

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We’re happy to announce this FREE event as part of the Reading International Festival 2012!

Stories from Palestine & Israel

Human Rights Monitor Steve Hynd offers some moving and fascinating eye-witness accounts from his time in the Occupied Palestine Territories

WHEN? 8pm Thursday 18th October 2012

WHERE? Room 3, RISC (Above Global Cafe), 35 – 39 London Street, Reading, RG1 4PS

Refreshments, Palestinian Fairtrade Goods And Handicrafts Will Be Available.

Wadi Fuqeen: Valleys of Hope and Despair

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Al Jazeera’s documentary series, Witness, highlights the crisis in Wadi Fuqeen.

from Friends of Wadi Fuqeen: “This is a film about our adopted village of Wadi Fuqeen, its link with people in the Israeli town of Tsur Hadassah and their struggle against pollution. The villagers work closely with people from Tsur Hadassah to try to win peace for the whole community.”

Witness – Valleys of Hope and Despair

The battle over access to clean water sources is ongoing across the West Bank, with illegal Israeli settlements frequently blocking access and polluting Palestinian farmers’ irrigation.

But in the valley of Wadi Fukin, Palestinian and Israeli villagers work together on projects to preserve water supplies and protect their local environment. This cooperation is exceptional in the region, but the huge gains both sides have made are now threatened.

The separation wall is approaching and will physically divide the communities, putting an end to their collaboration and adversely affecting local water sources.

Local farmer Abu Mazen, some of his neighbours and their Israeli counterparts took the authorities to court to halt the construction of the wall. This timely film looks at an issue of crucial importance to both Palestinians and Israelis and sets the context to the villagers’ legal fight.

The story of how Palestinians and Israelis in one West Bank village are working together to preserve water supplies.

July 9: BDS Day of Action – Supermarket Phone In

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0845 611 6111

0800 636 262

Join PSC and BDS campaigners by calling Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s TODAY!

Some questions you should ask:

Morrisons/Sainsbury’s claims to have an ethical policy, yet it stocks produce from Israel, a country which is in daily breach of international law and international human rights legislation.

  1. Does Morrisons/Sainsbury’s condone Israel’s illegal actions? If not, how do Israel’s flagrant violations of international law fit into the supermarket’s ethical policy?

  2. Is Morrisons/Sainsbury’s aware that produce from Israeli settlements is grown on land that has been stolen from the Palestinians of the West Bank?

  3. By stocking settlement goods, Morrisons/Sainsbury’s is tacitly acknowledging the right of countries to invade and occupy land, and to ignore UN resolutions calling for the return of that land to its indigenous population. How does that square with the supermarket’s ethical policy?

  4. Are you aware that the Palestinians who work in settlement farms and industrial zones do not have equal rights with the Israeli citizens who also work there?

  5. How does the sub-standard treatment of Palestinian workers in the settlements, and the clear breach of their human rights on a daily basis, fit in with the supermarket’s ethical policy?

PSC’s website has some useful points that can be used to reinforce your case when asking these questions, read them here…

Four cousins and their funerals

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Al Jazeera’s Nour Odeh:

Reporting on the death of children is never an easy task. It challenges your sense of professionalism and puts you face to face with the strongest of emotions; a mother’s inconsolable grief at the loss of her child.

On Sunday, I went through this unforgettable experience – four times.

Read the rest of her moving account here…

UPDATE – AJE has new audio proof:

About the Olive Oil from Palestine

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How Palestinian olive oil broke down a barrier

Heather Gardner-Masoud

Heather Gardner-Masoud

Occupied territories aren’t the best backdrop for business…or are they?

Heather Masoud tells Anna Simpson about the world’s first fair trade oil.

From the steep terraces of Jenin to the heights of Gilboa, you hear the sound of strings and stamping feet. It’s just a murmur at first, but with every beat there’s more vigour as the dabke takes off. The leader waves his beads like olives in the breeze, and local kids gather round. Their cousins have journeyed home, the harvest is in, and the festivities have begun.
For Mohammed Isa of the Anin Co-op for Olive Oil Production, there are more reasons to celebrate the harvest this year than in the past. For the first time, his oil will be sold with Fairtrade certification. This means he’ll sell more of it, at a higher price, to a wider clientele – and so be able to invest in next year’s production. And he’s proud, too, to be part of the world’s first initiative for fair trade olive oil.

“Olive oil was seen as a developed country product, so it wasn’t on the fair trade radar”

When Heather Masoud and Cathi Pawson first contacted the Fairtrade Foundation about Palestinian olive oil, back in 2004, they didn’t get much of a response. “It was seen as a developed country product – from Italy or Greece,” explains Masoud, “so it wasn’t on their radar.”



The two women, who originally met through a permaculture course, had just returned from a spell as peace volunteers in the West Bank. They’d both been struck by the prevalence of the olive tree – “there are terraces everywhere!” – and its central role in Palestinian culture. But they had also met olive farmers who were unable to access markets due to restrictions on movement imposed by the Israeli occupation – and were determined to do something constructive.

Read the rest of this article at Forum for the Future…

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