Friends of Wadi Fuqeen

The Friends of Wadi Fuqeen Stall

The Friends of Wadi Fuqeen Stall

Who we are

The Friends of Wadi Fuqeen is a campaigning sub-committee of Reading PSC.

Originally set up by three members of Reading PSC (formerly known as Bucks and Berks PSC) who visited the village and seen at first hand the poverty and difficulty of the villagers’ lives. The fourth founding member was someone who had previously lived in the Middle East for many years.

What we do

The Friends of Wadi Fuqeen‘s four main objectives are:

  1. Raising awareness of what is happening in the village – demolition orders, the separation wall, land grabs, etc.
  2. Holding the village up as an icon of what is happening to villages all over Palestine
  3. Fundraising to help with more specific projects in the village
  4. Widening networks so that more people become involved.
The Elders (Jimmy Carter, Fernando Cardoso, Desmond Tutu, Mary Robinson) visit Wadi Fuqeen

The Elders (Jimmy Carter, Fernando Cardoso, Desmond Tutu, Mary Robinson) visit Wadi Fuqeen

It tries to achieve these objectives by:

  • Offering speakers to talk to other organisations, such as schools and churches.
  • Fundraising for village projects.
  • Holding street stalls and stalls at events where literature about the village can be displayed

So far, The Friends of Wadi Fuqeen helped fund nursery school furniture and equipment, toys for the younger children of the village and summer school activities for teenagers.

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